Ticket Process for WT20 Displeases Overseas Fans

English cricket fans cheer during the ICC Twenty20 Cricket World Cup match between England and India at the R. Premadasa Stadium in Colombo on September 23, 2012. AFP PHOTO/ LAKRUWAN WANNIARACHCHI (Photo credit should read LAKRUWAN WANNIARACHCHI/AFP/GettyImages)

Overseas fans, who want to catch the live action from World T20 are extremely cross with BCCI’s ticketing process. The BCCI has been extremely lethargic in announcing the sales of tickets.

The first phase of ticket sales, which included for matches in Bangalore, Chennai, Dharamshala, Kolkata and Mohali is just announced on February 24th. Whereas, the second phase of the ticket sales for the matches in Mumbai, Delhi and Nagpur, didn’t begin until 12 PM IST on February 26th.

Even more horrifying, the tickets for high priority matches, which include, four matches of India, two semis and the final, will be allotted through the lottery system. And the result of this lottery process is not expected any time soon. Keep in mind that the mega T20 event is just 2 weeks away.


First it was mentioned on the ICC website that the lottery system for the high priority matches are only for local fans and there is a particular proportion of tickets kept aside for overseas fans. But, it was later revealed that it was a mistake and all the fans will get tickets through this lottery system and there are no tickets reserved for foreigners. The ICC clarified that the BCCI was at fault as it was under their purview. The mistake on the official website of the ICC was rectified on 26th February, which means two days after the sale of tickets kicked off.

An English fan expressed his anger that the schedule was announced on December 11, they have been checking the official websites since September to know about the fixtures and if there are any changes. All their plans are still in doubt due the poor ticketing process by the concerned board. Overseas fans need some sort of assurity that if they spend $2,000 to $3,000 on tickets and hotel fare, they will be able to witness the action live.

Pakistani fans also seem unsatisfied with the ticketing process. It’s an open secret that it is extremely difficult for Pakistanis to get a visa to visit India. As the sale of tickets is just kicked off, if a Pakistani applies for the visa now, he will get it after days or probably weeks after the conclusion of the WT20. There is too much haphazard regarding tickets and fans are questioning the transparency in ticket sales, which is extremely disappointing.

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