Top player comments on Davis Cup final


What the top players are saying to official Davis Cup site about this week’s final in Ghent between Belgium and Britain:

NOVAK DJOKOVIC (World No. 1 and 2010 Davis Cup winner with Serbia)

“Considering the fact that Andy Murray is in the team, everything he has done for Great Britain this season in the Davis Cup, it’s fair to say that Great Britain is the favourite. Of course, now they’re going to play away which makes it different in Davis Cup because of the crowd and the different atmosphere that you get to feel. I know how that is. I had that fortune to win the Davis Cup title in 2010 with Serbia at home and played in a couple of finals and semifinals. Belgium is playing at home. David Goffin needs to play on a high level to give Belgium a chance, but Britain is the favourite.”

ROGER FEDERER (World No. 3 and 2014 Davis Cup winner with Switzerland)

“Great Britain are the favourites, in my opinion, because they have Andy in the team. It’s nice to have someone like him in the team that can play singles, doubles, singles if he had to. Even if he doesn’t play, they still have a very strong doubles (team), because doubles can always be crucial. Then again, Belgium is at home. I really like Goffin, a great player. Good guy, too. Great attitude. I feel like he’s the kind of guy that can handle pressure. But still in most of the matches they (Great Britain) have their chance, that’s why I favour them in the final.”

STAN WAWRINKA (World No. 4 and 2014 Davis Cup winner with Switzerland)

“It’s going to be an interesting final for sure. Great Britain are the favourites for me, I think, with Murray on the team and the amazing doubles team. So it’s going to be interesting to see what’s going to happen and how the Belgians will be ready with David Goffin, how he’s going to be there, how he is going to be ready or not, if he’s going to play his best tennis or not.”

RAFAEL NADAL (World No. 5 and four-time Davis Cup winner with Spain)

“I think clay is the right surface (choice). For Belgium it is the surface that they probably have a better chance. It’s true that probably both British No.2 players play better on hard than on clay. I don’t think about Andy because Andy plays very well on every surface. I think for Belgium, in (their) mind, is probably try to win both points against the (British) number two, then try to win the doubles.”

TOMAS BERDYCH (World No. 6 and two-time Davis Cup winner with Czech Republic)

“I experienced this two years in a row, playing a final. I think it’s a good week to have, especially for Great Britain. It’s going to be a massive week.”

DAVID FERRER (World No. 7 and three-time Davis Cup winner with Spain)

“Of course it’s a very good moment for both teams, Belgium and also Great Britain. They have a really good chance to win the Davis Cup. Maybe Great Britain depends a lot on Andy because he needs to play the three matches. And Belgium, they are playing home and maybe it is an advantage. It depends a lot on the first day.”