Twitter poll to replace toss in World Test Championship: ICC tweets

Twitter poll to decide toss in World Test Championship: ICC tweets

The International Cricket Council tweeted on Monday a wide range of changes they are eying to bring in Test cricket in a bid to make it ‘more appealing to the younger generation.’

The ICC announced in a tweet that the traditional coin toss is all set to be replaced by a Twitter poll, where fans will decide who is gonna bowl and bat first.

Moreover, the cricketing body has also allowed players to wear shorts during the play if the temperature is over 35°C.

Players will also wear a number on their jersey along with their official Instagram handles.

In order to make the game more exciting, the ICC is ready to introduce the rule of getting two batsmen out on a single delivery.

They are all set to replace the cricketing terms ‘no ball’ and ‘dot ball’ to ‘fault’ and ‘ace’ as they use it tennis.

Furthermore, runs score in the evening during a Test match will weigh double.

The ICC has tweeted these changes in rules on April 1st, which is April Fools’ Day, so there is a fair chance that the cricketing body is just playing a prank.