Tyson is unimpressed with the idea of pro boxers at Rio Olympics


Boxing legend, Mike Tyson has ridiculed the idea of professional boxers at Olympics and he predicted that many professional boxers will be beaten by their amatuer counterparts.

AIBA (Amatuer International Boxing Association) has said that the pro boxers will participate in the Rio Olympics if the constitutional change is accepted in the following month.

Mike Tyson, who himself won a gold medal at the 1981 and 1982 Junior Olympics said that the pro boxers will be outclassed by the amatuer boxers by their agility.

“Some pro fighters are going to get beat by the amateurs,” he said, “It’s just going to happen, I really believe that,” he added.

“If they are like the amateur fighters that I was fighting in the 80s… they are going to beat some of the champions, it’s just going to happen,” he insisted.

Mike Tyson made his boxing debut in 1985, he fought 58 fights and won 50 out of them. He was a strong man and has 44 knockouts to his name. He lost 6 bouts in his professional career.