‘Unable to host South Asian Games without government’s support’ PTF President


Islamabad: President of the Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF), Salim Saifullah said there is no financial support from the government to host South Asian Games in the country.

Speaking to ARY News, Saifullah said without the government’s support, no international event can happen in Pakistan.

“We had to hold South Asian Games here in December or January but we are unable to do it due to lack of financial support from the government,” he said.

“We get very few funds yearly for our players and staff. In this budget, we can’t hold big events,” he added.

The president said countries smaller than Pakistan get more funds from the government for promotion of Tennis. “I asked Thailand’s Tennis president, how much money they get for promoting this sport? He said ‘1 Million Dollar’. Turkey gets 1 Million Euro but we get only 25-30 Thousand Dollars,

“How can we cater to our players and give them facilities in this budget?” he asked.

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