University students pay unique tribute to MisYou

University students give unique tribute to MisYou
University students in Karachi pay tribute to Misbah, Younis by painting them on a wall.

KARACHI: As cricket fans continue to pay their tributes to the retired duo of Misbah Ul Haq and Younis Khan, a private university’s students in Karachi made a wall of fame in their honour. They painted MisYou (Misbah and Younis) on the wall of Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) Complex to show respect for them.

The group of students initially wanted to make a wall of literacy, where they intended to install shelves and put books for the less privileged people. However, while watching the third Test between Pakistan and West Indies, they saw players carrying Misbah and Younis on their shoulders, at that moment they switched their idea to wall of fame.

“We were watching the third Test between Pakistan and West Indies, the idea suddenly popped up in our mind that we should give them a tribute as we as a nation have tendency to forget our heroes,” told Sohail, one of the students.

“There is hardly any government support for our sports heroes, which is demotivating for sportsmen of our country, so we have taken this small initiative on our own to give tribute to our legends,” he added.

The idea is not only to honour the most successful Test skipper and the highest Test run-scorer of the country, they want to expand this wall and pay tribute to more sporting legends of the country.

The group of students want the youth of this country to remember their heroes. They believe that Pakistanis should remember who they were and what their contribution was.

“People of Pakistan should realize what they have done for the country, the position where we are standing at the moment in Test cricket is because of these two,” he told.

According to them, what Misbah and Younis have done differently is that they retired from cricket decently and with dignity. Usually, Pakistani cricketers are often sacked before they officially hang their boots. But, the batting pair announced their decision way before and despite of some uncertainty, they stuck to it

“Younis and Misbah are star players for Pakistan, but when they realized that they have reached their age, they stepped back with dignity, which is rare in Pakistan. Through their action, they encouraged young players to come forward and serve their country,” he added.

The young men also want to convey a message to the retiring legends that the nation loves them, their contribution will always be remembered.

“They deserve this tribute, Misbah being the most successful captain and Younis being the most successful Test batsman of the country. We wanted to show them that we love them,” he concluded.