‘Unless you are a born opener, No. 3 is ideal position to bat’ Ian Chappell


Karachi: Former Australian skipper Ian Chappell thinks that batting at No.3 gives a lot of room to batsmen to set the tone for the team. 

Chappell wrote an article on ESPNcricinfo in which he explained the challenges and fun while batting at No.3 position. He thinks that most of the batters avoid this spot due to its toughness when a team loses an opener earlier.

“Unless you are a born opener, No. 3 is the ideal position to bat. Even in the event of an early loss of a wicket, the No. 3 is still a pre-empting disaster, and there’s a golden opportunity to set the tone for the innings. Surely it’s better to come in at 1 for not many rather than 2 for very few,” he wrote.

He gave examples of Steve Smith and Joe Root, two of the strongest current batters, that how they prioritize batting at fourth instead of No. 3.

“Steven Smith has batted there, but at the first opportunity he opts for his preferred No. 4,” he mentioned. “In England, despite regularly coming in at less than 20 for 2, Joe Root has been reluctant to bat at three. He was virtually press-ganged into the role against Australia, but after he had a relatively successful Ashes series, in which bowlers dominated, he quickly slid back to No. 4,” he added.

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