USB drive bust-up between Ronaldo and Benitez


With passing time it is clear that Real Madrid’s star player Cristiano Ronaldo had a strained relationship with former manager Rafa Benitez which is in line with the news circulating a few months ago when Rafa was in charge of the Los Blancos side.

According to details from a Spanish newspaper El Pais during his tenure Rafa sent Ronaldo a USB drive through one of the coaches in order to study the material in it but Ronaldo did not this gesture as a good one and instead he told the team manager that he would send him a drive containing all the goals he has scored.

‘Tell Benitez that I’ll send him a USB drive with all my goals on it for him to study.’, Ronaldo said.


Rafa Benitez has a history of not going down well with prominent players of the side he manages. He, for instance, was not able to develop a healthy relationship with Xabi Alonso at Liverpool and also John Terry at Chelsea.

Although when the former Liverpool manager was brought in to replace Carlo Ancelotti things seemed to be going in the right direction with both of them showing each other their due respect but as time progressed the relationship went down the wrong lane.

Benitez joined Real Madrid on three year contract in June 2015 but following a dismal performance at the helm of Spanish football he was dismissed in January 2016 and Zidane was appointed in his place.


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