Viv Richards lashes out at ICC


Former Windies legend Sir Viv Richards has lashed out at the International Cricket Council for treating the West Indies in a radically different manner as compared to the Indian Cricket Team.

He strongly criticized the ICC for reprimanding the Sammy led team and asked the ICC to mend their ways.

“There are rules in the one-day game under the auspices of the ICC, like for instance the system where you go back to the third umpire and things like that,” he told the ‘Jamaican Observer’ newspaper according to PTI.

“So, if you are the sole governing body of world cricket, then everyone should be coming under the same umbrella. The Indians do not play certain things the ICC may have in its rules. They totally ignore that and they have been getting away with it for years,” Richards said.

Earlier the ICC had came with a strong statement which said that the actions of the current World T20 champions were “inappropriate, disrespectful and brought the event into disrepute.” This made Viv extremely angry and expressed his disappointment over the ICC statement.

“I am only trying to hit back because of what they are trying to do because of Sammy’s comments. They are trying to be a body that if you say this, it’s out of order then you’re going to be this and you’re going to be that.”

“When you look around the world in terms of the governance of the ICC, there are rules for some and not others,” he said.


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