‘Want our players to dominate with bat and bowl, not language’ Saqlain


Karachi: PCB’s Head of International Player Development, Saqlian Mushtaq thinks that Pakistani players don’t need to have command of English as only their performance can make them dominant in cricketing world. 

Speaking to ARY News exclusively here at National Stadium, Saqlain was of the view that players’ job is to play in the ground and not to be perfect in speaking English. The former Test cricketer said Pakistani players should be honored to speak ‘Urdu’ which is their own language.

“First of all, Urdu is our own language and I don’t think our players need to learn English. If they attend any presser or ceremony with a translator, it is okay because English is not our language,” he said.

“See, players development is our top priority and that includes how we prepare them to perform with the bat and bowl. In the end, they are supposed to dominate the world with bat and bowl, not language. However, if they are interested in learning any language, it is a plus point for them but it is not compulsory for our players,” Saqlian added.

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Responsible Shoulders

Saqlain exactly knows what is his role in the PCB currently and he eyes to serve Pakistan once again with full pride and determination. “I am truly honored to be working for Pakistan’s cricket once again,” shared the former cricketer.

“When you come at the helm of something, you set goals for yourself according to the sources available and then you try to achieve them within your capacity. Allah has given me this opportunity and I am looking forward to making the most of this prime time which has a huge responsibility on me to monitor each and every single cricketer and upcoming talent in our country,” he added.

Relationship with players

To a query whether having the access to the team’s dressing room will create some hiccups between players and him, Saqlain said it all depends on how they make their relationship with players.

“It will take some time to build trust in players. You can’t do this with just one or two meetings but you need to meet players on regular basis in order to make friendships with them. Once you get there in their hearts, you will be able to coordinate with them in the best possible way,” he highlighted.


Being in one of the prime roles in the PCB, Saqlian aims to give equal opportunities to the cricketers at every level. “I have a very clear intention to eye-witness every single cricketer in the country during my tenure. My eye means through other regional coaches, trainers, and selectors. Whenever I interact with regional coaches, I tell them about my goal which is to entertain every single cricketer in perspectives of passing on skills, experience, and opportunities,” he concluded.

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