Waqar criticises DRS


Pakistan’s head coach Waqar Younis has strongly criticised the Decision Review System (DRS) and its effectiveness. He was not happy with the way the system was working and pointed out some flaws in this particular system but having said this he had no issues with using DRS but he was hopeful that some changes should be made to make this system more fair. He added that the ICC should increase the margin to 70-75 percent so that the decisions made are a reflection of the right call because it is usually frustrating for the teams.

“I strongly believed this 50 percent formula is not fair to the players,” Waqar told ESPNcricinfo.

“They should even it out a little bit by making it 70/30 or 75/25. If the ball strikes you inside the line, 25 percent it should be given out rather than making a verdict on the basis of 50 percent. Sometimes a decision is not out when it is hitting 49 percent [of the stump], even though you are convinced that it is hitting flush. So that sparks frustration, this whole mechanism needs to be tweaked ”

“Even if it’s hitting the stump 30 percent, it should be given out rather than applying Umpire’s Call and a 50 percent margin. We don’t mind playing with DRS but the important factor is it should involve all elements, otherwise it will kept on leaving out a lot of controversy.”

Waqar also wanted ICC to implement the system full fetched rather than half of it because in the ongoing series between Pakistan and England the facility of hotspot and snickometer because of the extra cost that it brings with it. He said due to such insufficient technology, the decisions taken are sometimes not the right ones and in the some of them have been absolute blunders if you go through its history.

“This half-DRS is not acceptable and the system like this doesn’t make any sense,” he said. “You either don’t have it or have it complete. Some decisions look very ugly and that is why people complain. We have witnessed big blunders and I think the ICC should take care of it and it should be the one body controlling it uniformly for all ”

“Sometimes one bad decision can affect the entire game like we had in Abu Dhabi. I have already met with the ICC and suggested that they revisit their parameters. They have agreed to some extent and I hope this will be considered at their cricket committee meeting.”


Waqar Yonis criticises DRS by arynews