Waqar Younis annoyed with the PCB officials


Waqar Younis addressed media in an annoyed mood, he was upset with the fact that how his confidential report got leaked in the media.

Waqar Younis went to the PCB headquarters to meet the officials and show his concern. He was seeking the answer from the concerned people, Najam Sethi and Shahryar Khan about leakage of the private information.

Waqar’s anger reached to its height when Shahryar Khan refused to meet the head coach over the phone despite he was sitting just three doors away from him.

The former Pakistan skipper, Waqar Younis appealed to the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to look into the issue and help to revive Pakistan cricket.

He said he will look to reach to Nawaz Sharif and discuss these issues with him, although, Prime Minister has a lot of other issues to address as well and it is really a petty issue as compared to them, but it’s the only game that this nation loves and is an element of unity.

Waqar Younis looked frustrated and kept repeating ‘See where our cricket was and where we have brought it’. He claimed Pakistan cricket has more politics than there is in Parliament.

He took TV anchors in his shooting range as well without naming them and blamed that all they care is about their job, they never think about its outcome before leaking news.

He refused to comment on Shahid Afridi or Moin Khan and was constantly focusing on the attitude of Shahryar Khan and Najam Sethi, who refused to meet him and didn’t even bother to communicate it to him personally.

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