Waqar Younus unhappy with umpiring decisions


Dhaka: Bangladesh defeat Pakistan pushing them out of the Asia Cup race. The dejected head coach Waqar Younus while speaking at a press conference said that umpiring decisions were not in our favor.

He said he would not blame anyone for the team selection, we had to play with the players given to us. The overall team performance was unsatisfactory, umpiring decisions didn’t go in our favor. As for the World cup, it’s out of my domain to make any changes in the team, it will purely depend on the players performance and the selection committee.


The head coach mentioned that Bangladesh team always plays well on its home ground, our batting line failed, the first 10 overs made the big difference. We could have made 160 to 170 runs but the pitches were not favorable and every team faced difficulty playing the initial 6 overs.

The head coach however upon reaching the hotel took the team to task and came hard on the players particularly the batsmen. He was furious and said “how much more disappointment can you give us? You were guided on every aspect but you failed to pay any heed, did we miss anything where we were unable to guide you?” Let aside the coach you should have at least thought of the country and the nation.” The nation is looking towards you and you are disappointing them.” During this discussion, Waqar Younus completely ignored captain Shahid Afridi who got out on a zero.

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