Warner consults psychologist over ‘brain snaps’


Sydney : Daredevil Australian opener David Warner said Wednesday he has consulted with a psychologist to prevent the “brain snaps” that have erupted through his playing career.

Warner said he has worked hard to eliminate rash strokes and impulsive decision-making ahead of his first-ever World Cup, starting this weekend in Australia and New Zealand.

“I’ve actually spoken to my psychologist about it,” Warner told Melbourne radio station 3AW.

“There are thoughts that go into your head … you try and premeditate, but those thought processes in your head, you’ve got to try and think ‘How do I nut that out?’

“You’ve got to try and work out when you’re out there in the heat of the moment to actually be relaxed, clear your mind and say ‘Right, just get off strike now’.

“That’s the process that I have to think through now in my head.”

Warner scored 163 runs at 54.33 during the recently completed one-day tri-series against England and India, including his third limited overs century in the series opener.

He continued that form with a blistering 104 from 83 deliveries in a practice game against India at the Adelaide Oval this week.

“I think I’ve had to learn how to play (one-dayers) just like Test match cricket … place it, try and hit the gaps,” he said.

“I can get myself off to a good start, I don’t really need to take it to them. I’ve just started to learn that and I’ve found my way now. If the ball is still going to be there and I want to hit it over the top, by all means I’ll do that.

“But still in my mind I’m saying to myself, ‘I can still score at a strike rate of 100, even if I bat properly’. I’ve now got that in my head and now I can play the way I want to play.”

Warner credited the influence of Australia’s team psychologist Michael Lloyd in improving the mental side of his game.

“He’s helped me the last six to 12 months about getting into the right frame of mind to prepare for a game and that starts two or three days before a game, just to prepare mentally,” Warner said.

“It’s great to have him come away with us and he’s a great tool for not just me but for the guys to use as well.”(AFP)