Waseem under stress as he is yet to receive the promised funds

Waseem under stress as he is yet to receive the promised funds
WBC Silver Flyweight Champion, Muhammad Waseem.
Shukriya Pakistan

The WBC Silver Flyweight Champion Muhammad Waseem, who is likely to face Oscar Cantu in an all important World Title eliminator, has not received the promised funds from the government so far.

Earlier, it was learned that Government has released the grant of Rs. 30 million for the boxer’s training and tours. As per the last reports, Government had transferred the amount of Rs. 24.675 million to Waseem’s account in Washington. But, Waseem’s promoter Andy Kim, who is based in South Korea has to travel to Washington D.C to get the amount.

“There really is only one story at the moment and it is that the money is not available,” told Andy Kim. “I was informed that the Embassy in Washington D.C cannot release the funds as they still need a letter from Pakistan government. I was also informed that I would have to travel all the way to Washington D.C from South Korea to retrieve the funds,” he added.

Kim seems to be frustrated with the situation and asked that why government cannot send the promised sum of money to South Korea as Pakistan have their embassy there as well.

“I don’t understand this as there is a Pakistan embassy in South Korea. Why should I travel this long distance when after all these inconsistencies and have the possibility of a wasted trip and not receive the funds?”questioned Kim.

Muhammad Waseem is now the 2nd ranked boxer in WBC ranking, his promoter believes that if the pugilist does not get financial support, his career can get affected.

He also said that owner of Peshawar Zalmi, Mr. Javed Afridi also failed to fulfil his promise, “Waseem himself was told publicly by local cricket owner Javed Afridi that he would support him as well and as of date nothing has been received by Waseem from Afridi to my knowledge.”

Muhammad Waseem earlier stated that if a channel buys the rights to telecast his fight, it would also help his cause, but as per Kim, no one has really shown the intent to do so.

Kim further told that the whole situation is quite frustrating for the WBC Silver Flyweight Champion.

“It is very frustrating and stressful for Waseem as this is not his responsibility to gather financial support for his professional boxing career,” he stated.

The South Korean promoter seemed happy with the hype Waseem got with his last two victories, however, he is disappointed with the fact that the boxer did not get his due reward from the country.

“Following his last two fights he garnered major media attention in Pakistan from television and radio but whenever the time comes to support him there are only broken promises,” he said.

Waseem’s promoter has failed to understand this mindset of making hollow promises and he is feeling embarrassed with the scenario.

“I myself don’t understand as I deal with people in business who deliver on what they say so this is very difficult for me to comprehend. I myself would be embarrassed to work in such a manner where I did not deliver on something I said I would do,” he concluded.