Waseem works as hard as Floyd Mayweather: Jeff Mayweather

Waseem works as hard as Floyd Mayweather: Jeff Mayweather
Waseem works as hard as Floyd Mayweather: Jeff Mayweather
Shukriya Pakistan

KARACHI: Jeff Mayweather, Muhammad ‘Falcon’ Waseem’s trainer at Mayweather Boxing Club, talked to ARY about his WBC Silver Flyweight title defense against Philippines’ Giemel Magramo and the training he has undergone before the fight.

He shared that they had a great training camp before the bout. Moreover, Jeff Mayweather compared Pakistan’s pro boxer with his nephew, the boxing legend Floyd Mayweather, who has the career record of 49-0.

“I think that training part is not really that hard because Waseem is probably the hardest worker I have seen other than my nephew (Floyd Mayweather) or probably at the same level as my nephew. ” he said.

He coined this fight as ‘very tough’. He further revealed that it was the first instance where Waseem had to make adjustments during the bout.

“This was the first time where we had to change our game plan in the middle of a fight,” he revealed. “Otherwise, Waseem just completely dominates everybody as he is much stronger.

“But, this time we felt that they (opponents) have come to take the title,”

The 29-year old’s trainer praised Giemel Magramo, who was unbeaten so far in seventeen fights, “The guy (Giemel Magramo) is super tough.”

Jeff Mayweather highlighted that this kind of fight was extremely important for Muhammad Waseem’s career.

“This was a fight that Waseem needed for future fights because once you go to adversity, it makes you stronger, it makes you wiser.

“Because once you see the situation, you make those serious adjustments when needed, so I think that this was probably the most important fight of Waseem’s career right now.

“In future fights, Waseem will be able to make those adjustments because this has happened.”

Unbeaten Muhammad Waseem

Muhammad Waseem won the WBC Silver Flyweight in his fourth bout as a pro boxer, he has been undefeated so far in the five fights he has fought so far as a pro.

Muhammad Waseem won the bout against Filipino Giemel Magramo by 3-0 via a unanimous decision in the 12-round fight.

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