Wasim Khan speaks about immense criticism in Pakistan


Karachi: Chief Executive – Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) Wasim Khan said he wasn’t prepared for immense criticism in the country where his parents belong to. 

Khan, who was brought in PCB’s set-up in 2018, shared how he always faced criticism in Pakistan for just being a foreigner working for the country’s cricket.

“I don’t think anything prepared me for the hostility I was going to face. They’ve put me on the back foot right from the word go,” said Khan in an interview to The NewYork Times.

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He recalled that the board of governors didn’t accept his appointment and it went everywhere on the news which made his family worried. “My wife rang me in tears, saying, ‘You’re on every TV station right now and it’s saying you’re not going to have a job anymore,’” Khan shared. “I said, ‘Don’t worry, it will get sorted,’” he added.

The CEO also highlighted recent criticism by former Test cricketer Javed Miandad in a YouTube video. “Is there a shortage of people in your own country that you had to bring people from abroad?” Miandad was quoted saying.

It must be noted here that Wasim took PCB’s affairs as CEO after amendment in the constitution. He and chairman Ehsan Mani were on the verge of immense criticism after they dissolved departmental cricket on the directives of Prime Minister Imran Khan who preferred quality over quantity.

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