Watch: Here are official rules for cricket indoors


Karachi: Cricket is one of the most followed sports around the world and it is hard to keep cricketers and fans away from the game. Amid worldwide lockdown due to coronavirus, people are playing cricket at home and posting videos on social media. 

While taking the notice of so many people posting videos of playing cricket indoors, the International Cricket Board (ICC) has released some rules and regulations with the help of their elite umpires including Aleem Dar, Joe Wilson, Richard KettleBrough, and Kumar Dharmasena which can make the game at home more exciting.

Here they are:


  • Ensure the safety of players, spectators, pets and property throughout the duration of play.
  • The ball should be lightweight.
  • Things, which are easily breakable, should be removed from the playing area.

Scoring Zones

  • Allocate areas for scoring, for example, the ball touching the sofa would be considered as 2 runs and touching straight to the top of the wall would be a six.
  • No physical running is required.

Bowling method

  • The bowler should bowl underarm and speed must be according to the size of the playing space.

Wicket-taking criteria

  • The Wall behind batsmen can be made a wicket-keeper and every edge going behind will consider as caught-behind.
  • If a ball hits breakable things, which aren’t easy to remove from the playing area such as window, television, will be considered as out.
  • LBW will only come into effect when batsmen don’t attempt the shot.
  • Rotate positions when a wicket falls, be it batting bowling or fielding.


Batter with the highest runs will win the contest.

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