‘We are up with new fitness goals’ – Pakistan women cricket team nutritionist Jamal Hussain

'We are up with new fitness goals' - Pakistan women cricket team nutritionist Jamal Hussain

KARACHI: Pakistan women cricket team nutritionist, Jamal Hussain have warned the players to avoid spicy food in their diet plans in order to achieve fitness goals.

Jamal while talking to the media said that the team management is working to spread the awareness about the healthy diet plan and trying to implement different strategies to maintain a particular fitness level in the team.

“We are restricting all the girls to not eat spicy foods and especially we have warned them not to eat their favourite dish ‘Gol Gappay [Crisp Sphere Eaten]’”

He was quick to add that fitness is too important in modern day cricket hence they want to make their girls up to the mark.

On the other hand, Pakistan women cricket team all-rounder, Aliya Riaz said that it is hard to minus spicy foods from their life but compromising is too important in order to achieve something big.

“Being a girl it is difficult to keep myself away from eating spicy dishes but yes I will try my best to follow the instructions of the team management,”

Moreover, right-handed batswoman, Iram Javed also promised to cooperate with the team management to achieve fitness goals.

She said that they have sacrificed a lot to reach this stage and leaving one more thing would not cause them anything big, in fact, it is a positive thing for them.

“Fitness is my first priority and for that, I will do work hard.”