We knew beforehand that some corrupt people will approach us: Sethi

We knew beforehand that some corrupt people will approach us: Sethi
Najam Sethi
Shukriya Pakistan

Pakistan Super League chairman Najam Sethi put it straight that there will be no tolerance for corrupt practices in the league and added that the anti-corruption unit is doing its best to protect the league and its players from ‘crooks’ who want to taint it.

PCB revealed in a statement on Friday that they have suspended Islamabad United’s duo of Sharjeel Khan and Khalid Latif for allegedly being involved in match fixing in ongoing glittering league.

“The PSL belongs to the people of Pakistan. We have to protect it from corrupt practices that ruin the game. We knew beforehand that some of these corrupt people would try to approach us. And we informed each and every player about these things. If even after that some players thought they could get involved then we want to send a message,” said Najam Sethi.

“This is the best way to go. The players involved have been suspended and will be given a chance to explain themselves. But we will not tolerate any corrupt practices,” he added.

Sethi also revealed that the anti-corruption unit was aware that some corrupt people will look to approach players for such acts due to blockbuster first season.

“We had some credible information that things were not right. Last year this was a toddler’s league and not many bookies were interested in it. But this time around the PSL is bigger so these bookies are interested. They are covering their tracks and making a run for it as we speak.”

It is pleasant to know that all five franchises of the league are in full support of PCB’s zero tolerance policy against corruption.

“All the franchises showed their support for our actions. This is the first time the PCB is taking such a strong stance against corruption. We have to protect this league. We have to make sure these crooks do not taint the PSL.”

He stated that greed is instinctive and despite of handsome earnings, some players can get attract to these offers.

“Players will always be vulnerable when there is big money involved; greed is instinctive,” he said. “Despite us paying a lot of money to the players, we know that some would be vulnerable. We have no qualms in revealing their identity; Sharjeel Khan and Khalid Latif are the ones involved in this.”