“We should concentrate on quality to meet the international standards”, says Afridi


Pakistan’s veteran allrounder, Shahid Afridi said on Wednesday while talking to a private news channel that Pakistan is not producing ‘fine’ cricketers.

Afridi told in the interview that the focus should be on quality, instead of the quantity, Pakistan has a huge pool of domestic cricketers, but, there are hardly anyone who can meet international standards.

“Instead of going after quantity, we should concentrate on quality to meet the international standards,” he said.

According to the former skipper of Pakistan, there are higher number of players in the domestic circuit as compared to his early days.

Boom Boom said, “The team now is not like how it used to be back in the legendary Imran Khan’s days. There used to be several stars but now there are just two or three.”

Afridi highlighted that lack of cricket at school and college level is costing Pakistan heavily, “There used to be school, district, college and university cricket but now it is not seen,” he said.

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