Westfield to take the field again, while Kaneria suffers


Mervyn Wesfield, who was convicted alongside Danish Kaneria for spot fixing, has got a green signal from the ECB to play small counties. Eventhough, he has one more year of spot fixing ban remaining.

Westfield was sentenced jail in 2012 and he was banned from taking part in any sort of professional cricket for five years and club cricket for three years. The English paceman was involved in taking $9606 in September 2009 to concede more than 12 runs in an over in a 40 over game against Durham.

He named Pakistan’s leggie, Danish Kaneria, as the one who groomed him for match fixing since the age of 18. The claim from Mervyn seemed good enough for the ECB to impose a lifetime ban on Danish Kaneria without even putting him on a trial.


Kaneria, who has played for Essex, looked extremely unpleased with the special dispensation for Westfield by the ECB. He coined this act of the Englisha and Wales Cricket board as clearly biased.

Kaneria told in an interview that it is a clear case of discrimination against him. He exclaimed that he couldn’t understad the decision taken by the ECB, the man who confessed his crime, is given the flexibility, while, no one is ready to hear his plight.

Danish Kaneria still cannot believe that he has been sentenced a life-long ban by the ECB based on just a statement from Mervyn Westfield and without any other real proof. The ECB never gave a chance to review the evidences that were brought against Kaneria and didn’t give him any chance to defend himself.

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