What do you know about Rio Olympics’ Torch?

Shukriya Pakistan

With just around ten days to go from the commencement of XXXI Olympic games in Rio De Janeiro. This mega sporting event will surely incomplete without the symbolic Olympic torch. The Olympic torch travels to different continents, changes thousands of hands before reaching to the destination, the host country. Actually, Olympic torch are made in a large number as only the flame transfers, while the torch remains with the bearer. Olympic torch always starts its journey from the place, where Olympics were originated, Olympia in Greece and reaches the host country through a long relay.


Let’s have a look at some of the facts of the torch of Rio Olympics.

The torch of Rio Olympics weighs around 1.38kg and is 69cm long when lit.


The torch for the upcoming Olympics is made up of aluminium so it is completely recyclable, moreover, it is environment friendly as well.


Torch has always been an important part of Olympics, thus, it is guarded an elite squad of seven people, known as Guardian of the Torch. They guide torchbearers about how to handle it and they jog along with it wherever it goes to protect it.


The torch has been to three different biomes, Savanna in central Brazil, the Atlantic rainforest in the Southeast Asia and in the semi-deserted regions of the Northeastern backlands.


The torch has been surfed in the oceans, traveled to skies and has been ridden on the backs of donkeys and horses by the bearers.


It has been an interesting journey for the torch, but, the mega sporting event in Brazil will surely be a greater treat. There will be 10,500 athletes from 206 countries competing in 306 different sporting events in 17 days of the Olympiad.