“Whatever happened in this T20 World Cup for Pakistan it was writing on the wall.”, says Wasim


The Sultan of Swing, Wasim Akram is quite concerned about the current situation of Pakistan cricket after the way Green Shirts are kicked out of the World Cup.

Wasim Akram talked to cricket.com.au and said what has happened to Pakistan in the World T20 was not surprising a bit.

Wasim Said, “Whatever happened in this T20 World Cup for Pakistan it was writing on the wall.”

“They didn’t see it four years ago [when Pakistan made the semi-finals in Sri Lanka] but it was meant to happen.”

According to the former Pakistan skipper, Pakistan’s cricket infrastructure is not strong enough to win mega cricket events such as World Cup.

Wasim Akram further said, “Our first-class structure is down the drain, nobody puts money in there, nobody’s bothering,”

Akram was quite straightforward while talking and went on to say, “they want to win World Cups – you can’t win World Cups like this, I’m sorry.”

Once again management was in the firing range, Wasim Akram said it was the lack of planning from the management for the World T20 preparations that has cost Pakistan so heavily.

He said “We just go by our instinct and go ‘OK, there’s a World Cup next month, hopefully we’ll win’. That’s what we do in Pakistan. It’s a tournament. A team prepares itself for three to four years; they plan, they prepare, they pick the right combination.”

Wasim Akram exclaimed that it hurts when Pakistan lose, no matter you are living there or not.

“Of course it hurts [when Pakistan lose]. Big time,”
“Not just to me, but every Pakistani is hurt. It doesn’t matter if you’re living in Pakistan or living abroad, it hurts.

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