What’s inside ‘Dean Jones’ red book?

What's inside 'Dean Jones' red book?

Former champions Islamabad United has been ruling the charts of PSL 2018 so far and fans are all in awe of them.

Islamabad have been playing their best game ever and it is truly showing on the field. However, the thing which is raising the cricket lover’s curiosity to new highs is the mystery behind Dean Jones red book.

Islamabad united has truly found the recipe for success and fans wonder if it is in that holy red book. It surely has a cheat sheet inside of it because Dean Jones never leaves it out of his sight. In fact, he has it on him throughout the match.

Islamabad United’s paceman Ruman Raees who is currently suffering from knee injury said he also have no idea that what’s inside Jones’ red book because no one is allowed to open it.

For now, we only have had an opportunity to get one little sneak peek and that revealed this diagram.

“A work of Picasso” commentator and presenter Ramiz Raja called it.

The former Australian cricketer has also revealed a little look inside of his red book today on his Twitter account.