When will our hearts will grow for others??


The World Cup 2015, much anticipated event in cricketing circles, ended few days back  with Michael Clarke holding the cup and Australians, always the justifiable winners, becoming the new champions of ODI cricket till 2019. The Kiwis, they were exceptionally ostentatious, just ruining every opponent ridiculously right through the world cup, but they still haven’t developed the guts to handle such anxiety and stress.

This world cup displayed the spirit and disposition of not only the teams, but also the spectators who were glued to TV screens for more than a month. The thing which was awfully excruciating as an Asian was the nonappearance of any Asian side in Final but even more agonizing was the abhorrence and envy we Asians displayed during this tournament.

The advancement of any Asian side in the World Cup was exceedingly intolerable for others.  Whether our team won or lost, India shouldn’t win. Same were the emotions from across the border and even from Bangladesh but not much from Sri Lankans.

The TV commercial “Mauka Mauka”, launched by an Indian sports channel was used so nonsensically across the borders, that the cricket was turned into a war.  Even though the Asian sides did not play many matches in opposition to each other but this commercial was used on every instance to demonstrate the amount of detestation we have for each other. After the Pakistan-India clash, in every match in whom an Asian side was playing against other team particularly in the matches of India and Pakistan, the prayers were more for the loss of your rivals rather than for the performance of your own squad. In matches like India vs South Africa, most of the Pakistanis were supporting the Proteas, which is their right.

Similarly in initial matches of this world cup, when the position of Pakistan was a dwindling one, social media was full of this Mauka Mauka ad against us but the behavior shown by us in the semi final of India versus Australia was gravely detrimental. I can’t force you to support India; I am like million other Pakistanis who will never support India but the response shown by us after the match was ludicrously awful.  We people were among the happiest people on Earth after the loss of India, rather than on the triumph of Australia. The response shown by our Pakistani community was outrageously out of control. We were less happy on the success of Pakistan against South Africa compared to the loss of India against Australia.

The enmity between us is among the best things in sporting arena. Whether we play cricket, hockey, football or any other game, there is always a guarantee of tough tussle and severe anxiety for the spectators but I believe that this rivalry should only remain among us, not when we are competing with other nations. If we can’t support each other, which we obviously can’t, at least we shouldn’t poke fun at each other in such disreputable approach. I think it’s time for the people of both nations to learn something recognized as sportsman spirit. I am sure this will not clutch any limelight and allure from our world renowned contention which has taken the game to an entire new level.