Winning two trophies would be spectacular says Messi


FC Barcelona’s ace player and one of the best in the business Lionel Messi has said that, although, they would have loved to in contention for the UEFA Champions League title but still he would love to grab the remaining two trophies as that would be something spectacular.

“We have two finals left, and it would be great to end the season winning them both. It also would have been great to have been in the Champions League final but it wasn’t to be. So winning two of three would be spectacular.”Messi said in an interview in Spanish which was translated by

Messi scored from a stunning free kick in the first half of the match against Espanyol on Sunday and he was glad to see the ball find the back of the net. He added that they train for such stuff and when it comes off successfully it is quite a satisfying experience.

“Yes, the truth is that we train for this; we work on how to move so that the ball goes to the right place and also you learn things over the course of your career.” Messi said.

Messi also showed the desire to play in the Olympics and went back to the time when he went through that experience in 2008 and 2005. He also considered it as a special occasion especially for him.

“Yes, World Cup is great but Olympics are something special.”

“I would have liked to go because it was a spectacular experience for me to play in the (2008) Olympics, just as it was for the (2005) U20 World Cup. Not just because we won, but for the experience I gained.”

Messi has the distinguished feat of winning five Ballon d’Or awards which the Argentine maestro never imagined and he believes that he has won more than he ever dreamed of which is quite amazing.

“I never would have imagined that. As I told you everything I have won in my career was more than I ever dreamed in my life. The titles in group are very important to me but these [Ballons d’Or] are also very special.” Messi said.


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