‘Won’t be retiring from my job ever’ Ramiz Raja replies back to Malik


Karachi: Former captain Ramiz Raja has replied to Shoaib Malik, who offered him to take retirement from his field with him.

The renowned commentator took to Twitter and wrote that he will never retire from his job and also asked a series of questions on what basis he should take retirement.

Retire gracefully, from what? speaking my mind on Pakistan cricket? Sticking my neck out for Pakistan Cricket? Wanting Pakistan cricket back at the top? No chance, won’t be gracefully retiring from that ever Malik Sahib!! as for ur post-retirement plans,” Raja tweeted.

In another tweet, Raja pointed out that it would be difficult for the duo to start commentating in 2022 and also reminded that he retired from the Pakistan team while he was the captain of the side.

“Malik, Hafeez. Would be tough to start commentating in 2022 as that would make you my age almost and talking of careers, don’t need a tutorial from you of all the people as history, which is a great teacher, would tell you that I retired while I was Captain of Pakistan team,” he added.


It must be noted that Raja had advised Malik and Hafeez to take retirement from international cricket with pride but Malik responded humorously that the three of them should plan of retiring gracefully in 2022 from their respective careers.

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