Won’t mind if I died while batting: Sir Viv Richards on not using helmets


West Indies batting legend Sir Vivian Richards has revealed why he didn’t use to wear helmets while facing fast bowlers when restrictions on bouncers weren’t at his time.

The 68-year-old while chatting to former Australian all-rounder Shane Watson said that he was comfortable with the risk that came with not wearing a helmet.

“The passion for the game I felt was such that I wouldn’t mind dying playing something that I love. If this is what I chose and I go down here, what better way is there to go,” Richards said on Watson’s podcast.

He also explained that he got inspired by athletes in other sports who put their lives on the line. “I have looked at other sportsmen and women who I have a lot of respect for doing it to an extreme level. I see a guy driving a Formula 1 racing car, what could be more dangerous than that?” said Richards, to which Watson jokingly replied, “Facing 150kph without a helmet?”

It must be noted that Sir Viv Richards was one of the greatest batsmen of his time. He scored 15261 runs collectively with 35 centuries in both ODI and Test format. He also picked 32 and 118 wickets in Tests and ODIs respectively.

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