WATCH: World snooker champion Asif appeals to PM Khan for acknowledgment


KARACHI: Two-time world snooker champion, Mohammad Asif urged Prime Minister Imran Khan to acknowledge his achievements at the international level. 

In a video message, Asif said he has served Pakistan with honesty and pride but the government has so far been failed to acknowledge his performances.

“I have won two world championships and many other events for Pakistan but I haven’t received the promised reward by the government,” he said.

“Athletes represent their country around the world so it is important to reward them to boost their confidence,” he highlighted.

He appealed to PM Khan to acknowledge athletes and give them rewards. “I would like to request PM Khan to look into this matter. Pakistan Billiards and Snooker Association has written a lot of letters to the Ministry of IPC and PM Khan seeking their support and promised rewards for snooker players but didn’t receive their response as of yet,” he shared.

Earlier, Asif withdrew from international events following the government’s disinterest in his achievements. “I will not represent Pakistan until the government fulfills its promises. We have been told a lot of times that things will change but nothing happened. I will take retirement if still, nothing happens,” he had said.

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