World snooker champion Mohammad Asif to record ‘Silent Protest’


Karachi: Pakistan’s top quest and two-time world champion Mohammad Asif has announced to not represent the country at the international level following the government’s disinterest in his achievements.

While talking in ARY News’ morning show ‘Bakhabar Savera’, Asif showed disappointment over not getting the praise from Pakistani government. “See, you get disappointed when you don’t get the deserved applause. The government has been failed to recognize my achievements at the international level,” he said.

“Seven years is a big-time period and I think the government should have paid me the announced prize money long ago because I have won titles at the international level,” he added.

Asif said that he won’t represent Pakistan until the government fulfills its promises. “We have been told a lot of times that things will be changed but nothing happened. I will take retirement if still, nothing happens,” he concluded.