Yet another Disappointing day for Pakistan’s cricket


Yet another frustrating day for an enthusiastic follower of Pakistan’s cricket as the disappointing performance by the Men in Green against India put the entire cricket fraternity in shock.

For how long Pakistan would surrender against India in such a mediocre way? Is there any way by which Pakistan can handle the pressure of a game against the arch-rivals?

Yes, there are plenty of ways by which Pakistan can break their shackles against the Men in Blue, but there is a need to change their mentality.

Pakistan and India games are always intense, both sides remain under immense pressure, so the argument for losing the match due to it becomes quite weak.

The way Indian openers batted the last night not only exhibited their commitment and strength but also ensured that the wicket in Dubai is fruitful to bat on.

Shikhar Dhawan and skipper Rohit Sharma, both made look Pakistani bowlers absolutely toothless, without even playing any risky shots.

Pakistan’s fielding was pathetic, the boys were not able to anticipate or cut down the angles, they dropped catches and were poor in the ground fielding, all those flaws exposed their preparations.

There are teams who recover after losing early wickets but Pakistan just makes the situation more complicated for themselves.

They get into a shell and block everything bowled at them. Last night, they lost three early wickets, which forced him in the defensive mode, playing 63 dot balls in the first sixteen overs of the inning.

Generally, it happens in cricket sometime the things not go in your favour and you do lose wickets but this doesn’t mean that you just stop ticking the scoreboard.

This is not the first time Pakistan went onto lose back to back wickets against India, earlier whenever they met in any big event Pakistan repeated the same all time.

Only in Champions Trophy last year, Pakistan’s batting helped them notching a convincing victory, but on the other hand, I think that was their day.

From Fakhar Zaman getting out on a no-ball of Jasprit Bumrah to Virat’s dismissal all showed that luck mattered the most for Pakistan that day.

Now, the thumping defeat against India is a matter of past and Pakistan have to shift their focus on the game Bangladesh, which will be a challenging task for both the sides.

Sarfraz’s men have to be at their best in all aspects of the game, be it bowling, batting or fielding to get the better of Bangladesh and book a berth in the final of the tournament.

As a die heart cricket fan, I hope that Pakistan defeat Bangladesh to set their last and final clash of the Asia Cup with India, where we get to see a replica of Champions Trophy 2017 final.