Young Pakistani mountaineer climbs Vilev Sar mountain


By Ishfaq

Saleena, the 10-years-old Pakistani mountaineer, achieved yet another milestone as she climbed the Vilev Sar mountain.

Saleena took 11 days to cover the distance of 6150metres to reach on the peak of Vilvev Sar mountain.

She, after achieving a landmark for Pakistan, said that it was not an easy task for her but by the grace of God she got there.

“There were many hiccups during my 11 days journey but I kept on motivating myself and did not give up,” she said.

The young girl added that she had earlier climbed Manglik Sar mountain and now aiming to hoist the flag of Pakistan on the top of World’s tallest mountain, Mount Everest.

“My next target is to climb Mount Everest,” she said.

She also appealed to the government to help her achieve her target in near future.

“I want Government to support me in my future endeavors,” she stated.