Younis wanted to retire from international cricket on a high note

I did not want to retire from international cricket crying: Younis Khan
Younis Khan celebrates his 10,000 Test runs.

Younis Khan told media that every cricketer wants to retire with dignity, it was the best time for him to quit international cricket.

“I can play, I can run, I can field, I can catch, it is better to quit cricket now. It will not be ideal that after a couple of years I lose my form, my fitness or my commitment and then I retire,” he said while talking to media on his arrival to Karachi. “I did not want to retire from international cricket crying,” he added.

Younis Khan revealed that he has coaching offers from different parts of the world, but he does not feel if he is ready for the stunt at the moment.

“Playing cricket is easy, coaching others is much difficult. I think I am too young for that. I want to learn coaching before stepping in this field so that my country can be benefited,” he told

“I want to do something that can help Pakistan and it is not necessary that it is related to sports, I want to serve my nation and my country where ever it is possible,” he added.

Younis Khan gave a bold statement that Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) does not need services from Misbah or Younis to improve cricket in the country, they are capable enough do it on their own.

“If PCB wants to work, they can. The board does not need Misbah or Younis, PCB is an authority and they should use their power and utilize themselves for this country.”

Younis Khan dumped the idea of playing any league cricket as he told that he could play franchise cricket after his retirement from T20 internationals after winning World T20 2009, but he did not. Similarly, he has no intention to play this form of cricket now.

Khan also talked about the upcoming big game between Pakistan and India on June 4. He suggested the team to stay calm and take it as any other game.

“My suggestion for the team is to handle the pressure, do not take this on your nerves and stick to the basics of the game,” he advised.