Younus to get two battings; 100-run handicap; ICC makes exceptions for Pakistan


In a ground breaking move, PCB officials especially Najam Sethi has convinced ICC to make some exceptions for underperforming but replete with potential Pakistan cricket team in the ongoing World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.

Najam Sethi, who is credited to have talented pacer and readily spot-fixer Mohammad Amir cleared from ICC for international cricket, has once again achieved the landmark feat for Pakistan.

ICC has now changed few rules for Pakistan, the former World Champion. Pakistan’s premier middle-order batsman Younus Khan would now be able to bat twice in one match!

“Younus is such a good batsman. I told them that he must get two chances. First to get accustomed to match conditions and in second wicket, to get some runs,” Sethi said.

But Younus would have to say ‘try ball’ within five seconds after being out, otherwise, he cannot avail second batting.

“We have now banned chewing gum for our players. I think Younus will not be prompt enough to say ‘try ball’ if he is chewing or whatever he is doing with the gum in his mouth,” Sethi added.

And for Umar Akmal as wicketkeeper, he can catch the ball even after the ball has bounced once from the ground. “The batsman will be given out!” has anyone achieved that before. “I told he is our upcoming player for many many years and he should be given some advantage…”

Sethi, who will be becoming ICC PRESIDENT soon, said the biggest achievement he got for Pakistan was that now onwards when Pakistan batsmen enter the field, the scoreboard will show 100 runs.

“Had we done that before India match, we must have won by 24 runs instead of losing by 76 runs. But yet we would have lost to West Indies by 50 runs. But I must tell you winning and losing are part of the game.”

Sethi hoped that Pakistan will now be able to beat Zimbabwe on Sunday.

“But I would say don’t expect much. Even UAE after such exceptions can still beat us. So our players should be ready for a close battle.”

When Sethi broke the news of these exceptions to PCB officials, a wild celebration started at Gaddafi Stadium – the headquarter of PCB. All officials danced with traditional ‘Bangra’ including Sethi. But Chairman Shaharyar Khan was missing.

“He is not feeling well otherwise he would be here. You know he is an old man,” A PCB official named himself Sarfraz Nawaz, but looked like Moin Khan.

The officials of the board later also prayed for the team success and asked the Almighty to help the ill and the injured to qualify for the quarterfinals in order to save their blushes…