‘Babar has done better’ Yousuf makes his verdict on Kohli-Babar comparison


Karachi: Former Pakistan captain Mohammad Yousuf has picked limited-overs captain Babar Azam ahead of India’s Virat Kohli.

The 46-year-old believes that Babar is a better cricketer in comparison to the Indian captain as he has achieved more than him in terms of the number of matches played.

“Kohli has played much more cricket than Babar who has only about three to four years of exposure in international cricket. But yes, if you ask me to make a comparison based on where Kohli stood after the same number of matches that Babar has played, I would say Babar has done better,” Yousuf said to Press Trust of India.

“Kohli is very committed that is why he is so successful and he has already got runs in every cricket playing nation. I felt captaincy had only made him a better player, Yousuf added.

It must be noted that Babar and Kohli have been often compared by fans and cricket pundits. Most of them think that it is unfair to differentiate between the two as Kohli has been playing since 2008 while Babar made his debut in 2015.

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