Zain Majeed: Thalassemia-suffering young martial artist aims for world record

Zain Majeed: Thalassemia-suffering young martial artist aims for world record

A young martial artist from Lahore, Zain Majeed is teaching the world that if there is will, no injury or disease can stop you from living your dreams.

Zain Majeed, who is a patient of thalassemia major, is learning martial arts and aims to become a world record holder martial artist and a capable fighter.

“It was my wish to become a martial artist and a fighter,” said the 11-year old. “I want to become a world record holder and also a successful fighter,” he shared his dreams.

The kid is a role model for many children out there, who suffer the same sort of disease, and he is also a motivation for parents, who see their children go through this health problem.

Ahmad Amin Bodla is the martial arts of coach of this young brave soul, he rates Zain’s skills very high and believes that he can become an immensely successful martial artist.

“There are certain things that I don’t ask Zain to do in training,” told Ahmad Amin Bodla who himself is a multiple time Guinness World Record holder. “However, Zain has better martial arts technique than many of the normal children of my academy.”

A child suffering from thalassemia cannot get much involved in physical activities as they are likely to experience difficulty in breathing, cramps in legs and rapid heartbeat, however Zain is defying them all.

“I feel healthy when I practice martial arts, it is not difficult for me, I practice like rest of the kids here,” Zain Majeed told. “My doctors advise me to just get treatment on time to continue to follow my dream,” he added.

Bodla told that Zain has to undergo blood transfusion every three weeks and he has to maintain a very healthy diet. Moreover, he is highly impressed with Zain’s focus and determination.

“Zain Majeed is extremely determined and focused, it is his biggest strength and it is what makes him special,” told Bodla.

Zain Majeed and Ahmad Amin Bodlawant to spread the message that whatever happens, everyone should pursue their dreams.

“We should never lose hope in life, we should always chase our dreams,” said Ahmad Amin Bodla.