Zaka Ashraf spent millions of rupees to entertain his guests: Sources


Karachi: When Zaka Ashraf was at the helm of Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) affairs, the board used to give around 100 complementary tickets and allowances to guests during tournaments like World Cup.

“During former PCB chairman Zaka Ashraf, around 100 people, mainly guests, friends and family of the chairman, were given complementary tickets and allowances during tournaments abroad,” a well-placed source in PCB said.

“Now we have reduced it to around 20 tickets as contingency. If some important minister ask us for one, we are forced to entertain them otherwise we will face problems since all our issues are stuck in one ministry or another,” he added.

He further said that only around three to four PCB’s governing board members would go to World Cup on PCB expenses, which would cost around seven million to the board.

“There are no incentives for the board members other than attending cricket tournaments abroad. So, I think it was not unfair to ask for it,” the source justified.

Recently, former Test cricketer Sarfraz Nawaz has criticized PCB for lavishly sending its governing board members while depriving Pakistan national team members of annual contracts.