Zaka suggests Hafeez should have undergone bowling action test in South Africa or Australia

Zaka Ashraf

Former Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) chairman Zaka Ashraf has suggested the board that they should have sent Mohammad Hafeez to either Australia or South Africa for bowling action test, Dawn News reported.

Ex-PCB Chief believes that England and India have biased behaviour towards Pakistan, thus the result from Loughborough University can be unfair.

It was the third time in Hafeez’s international career that his action has turned out to be illegal. Previously, he was suspended from bowling at the international level in 2015, when his action was found illegitimate for the second time in two years.

Zaka Ashraf also lashed out at the current PCB management for not taking care of players properly whose actions are objected at the international stage, despite PCB’s established bio-mechanics lab at LUMS, which is not accredited by the ICC yet.

He further added that the board should use the lab efficiently to save players from such suspensions.

Hafeez’s bowling action was reported during Pakistan’s ODI against Sri Lanka on October 18, at Abu Dhabi. He underwent a bowling action test at the Loughborough University on November 1, which he failed.

Hafeez can remodel his action and take the test again, if he is able to clear it, he will be allowed to bowl with immediate effect.